Teams, SharePoint and Lists Deep Links

As Teams becomes 1 stop shop for collaboration and communication, customers use it in various ways to track and maintain work items. In this post I want to share a very cool post by Shana – Direct Deep Links to List Items in Teams and while it should be very easy to follow, I stumbled upon one caveat that was easy to overcome.

Lists / SharePoint lists

The newly added app by Microsoft called Lists is actually a wrapper around SharePoint and if you carefully follow the article you’ll notice it mentions Lists and not SharePoint. So I thought “what’s the difference? let’s go with what we already know and embed a SharePoint list in one of my Channel’s tabs”. This proved to be a mistake. Taking you to the essence of the post:

To add the list item ID, replace null in the deep link with %22<listItemId>%22 — so in this case it would be %225%22. The final product in this example comes out to, where the underlined portion is where you updated the null subEntityId.

Awesome, all we need to do is get the link from the tab we added and replace null with %221%22 to deep link directly to item 1 in the list inside our Teams tab, right?
Apparently things are not that simple, after changing the link and trying it in the browser, Teams did open and the correct tab loads but the list item does not show, only the list.

As it turned out, the SharePoint list tab could not utilize the subEntityId parameter. This led me to try the same with the Lists app. When you add a new Lists tab you are presented with the option to create a new List or select an existing list from SharePoint (current Teams site or external).

New/Existing List

Select Existing List

Once selected, it looks exactly the same as the SharePoint tab, however, this time if you try to deep link to an existing item, the link opens the same Teams tab but this time the item is selected!

Selected Item

And there you go! Deep linking to SharePoint item in Teams!
Quick win. Hope this helps someone.

Till next time

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